BioBased Bike Lubricants


Bike Chain Lube: Wet Bioformula

UPC # 040232103513
Size: 120ml

ChainBoost binds to metal providing efficient pedalling and long lasting performance. High-tech bio-composition eliminates corrosion, increases lubricity. Contains a self-cleaning emulsifying agent that washes away with heavy doses of water.

Hose chain or wipe with a wet rag to activate dynamic cleaning abilities and wash away dirt and grime. Chain always clean, no black goop. Biodegradable and non-toxic.

All you have to do is wash your chain with water after your ride, and the accumulated dirt and grime will disappear. 


What is a wet lube vs. a dry lube?

– A wet lubricant is a pure lubricant commonly made from petroleum, synthetics, or bio-based oil. A dry lubricant is a solid material (such as molybdenum, ceramic, teflon, or graphite) that is dissolved in a usually toxic organic solvent. These solvents evaporate into the air upon application, while the wax or Teflon residues flake off into the environment during your ride and during washing.

Why does black goop develop on my chain?

– Wet lubes pick up dirt and grit on a ride. This combined with the chemicals in the lubricant (mainly asphaltenes) will create a nasty black goop that does not come off easily. This is why we created a chain lube that washes away with heavy doses of water.

How should I keep my chain clean?

– Degreaser is an important product for removing black goop from the chain and drivetrain parts. Using ChainBoost consistently will prevent any build up from occurring, so cleaning is extremely easy.