BioBased Bike Lubricants



All of our products are developed and manufactured in Canada. As a Canadian company, we take pride in having all of our products made in our own country.



Our products are more than 100% biodegradable, they are 100% bio-based. That means that every material used in the formulations is a natural material. Our products are formulated from plant-based oils, oleochemicals, and modified vegetable oils and materials. Just because something biodegrades does not mean that it is a natural, non-toxic substance. Buying WPL means you can rest assured that spills and washing away these lubricants will not contaminateΒ soil or water sources.


Our no caution symbol comically points out that we are the only lubricant company that does not have any toxic chemicals in our products. Our oils are safe to the touch, petroleum-free and non toxic.

You’ll notice on almost all conventional bike lubricants and care products that theyΒ contain a toxic WHMIS symbol indicatingΒ it’s not safe to touch.



It is important to be aware of the damage that petroleum and other toxic lubricants inflict on the environment. Every time a bike chain is washed, the lubricant spills into the soil and water. Bike cleaning products containing VOCs, PTFEs, and toxic detergents spill into water sources when used. Used suspension oil goes to recycling centres (hopefully) but the re-refining process is lengthy and energy consuming. All of this waste can be reduced to zero by usingΒ WPL products.