BioBased Bike Lubricants


Isaac Marangoni

Isaac Marangoni

General Manager

Isaac Marangoni is a lifelong cyclist, racer, and elite athlete. He personally field tested every single product’s performance in the stomping grounds of the Whistler Bike Park, while also collaborating and gaining insight from many riders and mechanics in the mountain biking scene.

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 604.907.3147

Alejandro Maragoni

Alejandro Marangoni

Scientific Advisor

Professor Alejandro (Alex) G. Marangoni, a tier 1 Canada Research Chair, is a world-renowned soft materials scientist specializing on the structure and functionality of triglyceride oils.

He has over 350 publications, 14 books, and over 40 patents on the subject, and is recipient of most major awards in his field. He is the driving force behind the commercialization of several key oil-related technologies currently used throughout the world. Biolubricant structure and functionality is now a major focus of his work.

His knowledge of the properties and functionality of oils were instrumental in the development of WPL technology.

An avid mountain biker, when not writing papers or working in the lab, Alex can be found skiing and riding around Whistler.

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 519.400.5334